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Changes at Work and Consultation
Changes at Work and Consultation

This factsheet is about changes to your hours, duties and other conditions at work and your right to consultation before decisions are made.

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Your employer is legally required to consult with all staff and their unions when they intend to implement significant changes in the workplace. This includes where your employer wants to change your hours, duties, role, roster and more.

Before making any significant changes, your employer must notify all workers who may be affected and their unions. They must discuss the changes with you and your union and provide you with written information on the nature of the changes, the effects they might have on you and any measures they're taking to reduce the adverse effects of the change on you.

Does my employer have to listen to my concerns about changes to my work?

This can be a difficult question. Yes, your employer must listen and respond to any concerns you or your union raises about the changes being made in your workplace. However, whether or not you must reach an agreement in order for a change to be implemented will depend on the proposed change and the award or agreement you are employed on.

For example, many awards specify that you and your employer must agree before your work hours can be changed. However, your employer might not require your agreement if they are looking to shift the opening hours of your workplace.

If your employer is implementing or proposing changes that you don't agree with, you can contact us at

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