The ACT government has released a $450,000 package to support people on temporary visas and international students, who don't qualify for any Federal Government support including JobKeeper or JobSeeker payments. 

Who can access this help from the ACT government?

Anyone who is a temporary migrant worker in Australia can access this help. This includes if you are: 

  • an international student
  • a migrant worker who is unable to work or return home
  • unable to benefit from Australian Government Assistance (i.e JobKeeper, JobSeeker, Youth Allowance and other Centrelink payments)

What support can I get?

The fund is set up to help with basic necessities, including food, emergency accommodation, legal advice and access to health services.  

How can I access this support? 

The funding is being delivered through different community organisations, depending on which type of visa you hold.

If you are in Canberra seeking asylum, you can access support through Companion House.  Their details are:

Companion House Reception
 Monday. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10-5pm

If you are on a temporary visa including bridging visas, Safe Haven Enterprise visas, Temporary Protection visas, temporary work and family visas, contact The Red Cross. Their details are: 

The Red Cross ACT Migration Support Program HUB

If you are an international student, you can access support through your university's student association or student welfare department. See details here.

Anyone can get help and advice from the Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services. Contact them and find out more at

If you have a concern about your work, contact your Union or the Young Workers Advice Service at

To find out more about how to join your union, visit or have a look at our fact sheet here.

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