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Uniforms and personal protective equipment
Uniforms and personal protective equipment

You don't have to pay for your own uniform and personal protective equipment

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If you are required to wear a special uniform for work (i.e not something you could reasonably be expected to already own and wear like a black skirt and shirt) or you need protective clothing or equipment - e.g. an apron - your employer must provide these or reimburse you for the cost of buying them.

In some cases, your employer must also pay for cleaning of uniforms and for reasonable wear and tear and replacement. Check your Award or Agreement to find out more - or email us and we'll help you work it out. 

It is not legit for your employer to require you to buy, to pay a deposit on, or to hire your uniform or personal protective equipment. And you don't have to pay for replacement which is only due to normal wear and tear. 

Your employer doesn't have to supply or pay if they only require you to wear normal clothes of a normal dress standard. The exact rules differ according to which Award or Agreement you are employed under so ask the Young Workers Advice Service for more information - we're here to help: www.youngworkerscbr/advice  

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