Every worker has the right to join a union. There is a union for every worker in every kind of job and every workplace. 

The TWU represents a range of workers in road transport and aviation. For more information, check out the TWU website: https://www.twu.com.au/.

Joining a union is completely confidential–you don’t need to tell the boss, your co-workers or your parents. Unions can: 

  • Help ensure you get treated fairly and paid properly 

  • Help you improve your pay and conditions, including safety at work 

  • Help you if you have a question or issue at work 

  • Help support campaigns about important issues outside of the workplace. 

Unions are the most effective way to take action to protect and improve your rights at work. 

It is illegal for you to be discriminated against just because you join a union. 

Phone: 1800 729 909
Email: info@twunsw.org.au
Website: https://www.twu.com.au/about-us/
Join online: https://www.twu.com.au/join/

To find out more about how to join your union, visit http://www.unionsact.org.au/joinyourunion/ or have a look at our fact sheet here.

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