Probation Periods

Find out more about what a probation period is, and what you are entitled to.

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Almost every job has a probation period. The probation is a period of time (normally 3 months or 6 months) where you and the boss can decide whether you want to work there, and whether you can do the job. 

During the probation period, you must be paid the full rate of pay for all the work you do. 

This includes being paid at least the minimum wage, being paid penalty rates, casual loading, and anything else you may be entitled to under your Award or Enterprise Agreement.

At the end of the probation period, your employer will normally sit down with you and talk about how you performed, and whether you will progress past the probation period. The decision coming out of this conversation should be put in writing.

What do I do if I have more questions, am being treated unfairly, or think I am not getting what I am entitled to? 

If you have a question about your entitlements, get in touch with us. We can give you advice about what your entitlements are, and help you decide what to do. We can also direct you to other people who can help.  

To find out more about how to join your union, visit or have a look at our fact sheet here.

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