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Getting Paid
Getting Paid

Make sure your boss pays you properly - it's your right!

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Almost all young workers will face the challenge of getting an employer to pay them. 

The law is clear: employers must pay you, and you must be paid at least the minimum wage. 

You should also be paid for all the hours you are at work, including:

  • Team meetings, and individual meetings with your employer or supervisor, that are at the request of the employer.

  • The time you spend opening or closing the shop, store or business.

  • Any training sessions, courses or training days.

  • Travel that you do during work hours that are required for work.

  • Compulsory attendance at work functions.

You should be paid on a set day, usually weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and you must receive a pay slip.

What do I do if I think I am not getting what I am entitled to? 

If you have a question about your entitlements, get in touch with us. We can give you advice about what your entitlements are, and help you decide what to do. We can also direct you to other people who can help.  

To find out more about how to join your union, visit or have a look at our fact sheet here.

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